As a result of a Family undertaking in 1997, the Bournett firm was born, this name is a tribute to its French ancestors, who in France produced high quality wines. Today the heirs of this culture recover the winemaking tradition, reviving the French Style that characterized them.

The farm that was born with this project is called “Dijon” which was obtained in 1997, after a few years a second farm was incorporated, which was called “Founder”, both of which are located in San Rafael, province of Mendoza, where the dry and sunny climate, the permeable soil and the good thermal amplitude generate optimal conditions for the cultivation of its grapes.

The farms are cultivated with the varieties of Malbec, Corbeau, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Bonarda, Cabernet Sauvignon among the reds and Chardonnay among the whites.

We decided to go to market with the 2004 harvest, having been the time we need to achieve the desired quality. This family project has small productions, as it oriented its policy towards quality and respect for our consumers.

The Malbec, Merlot, Corbeau, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Malbec Rosé wines comply with the standards required by the control body to record on their labels with the legend “I.G”. (Geographical Identification).

After so much family effort and with the idea of ​​continuing with the commitment assumed for the past 14 years, we have decided to invest in new equipment and machinery to achieve the highest technology and thus further improve the quality of our wines. P little by little the dream is coming true, is because Daniel Acebedo, founder of BODEGA BOURNETT had a vision to revive the French Style of his ancestors and begin With this project, which requires a lot of effort and resignation from the family, but little by little it is paying off.

Wine personality

BOURNETT was the surname of the French Grandmother of Ana María, wife of Daniel Acebedo, who belonged to a family with a winemaking history that in France produced high quality wines.


The Aromas Room at Bournett Winery invites us to take a walk to enjoy with all the senses, learning more about the wines, delving into their culture.

This wine tourism project launched a few years ago by our winery, makes us “the only winery in southern Mendoza to have an Aromas Room” that invites tourists to live a different experience, connecting even more with the indescribable world of wine.

After an interesting visit to the facilities, we entered the Aromas Room where we can find informative material about the different varieties of grapes, ampelography, the vine and its parts, the perception of wine and, of course, about 30 aromatic descriptors. . They let us perceive that range of sensations provided by each variety.

All the experience at Bournett Winery, leads us to enjoy and learn more deeply about the wines, their life, their history. Through a game in which we allow ourselves to be completely seduced by our senses and which leads us to taste them in a unique way.