Fangio Bi-varietal

Fangio Bi-varietal

Bournett, Fangio Bi-varietal

This came into view for its great concentration and depth of ruby ??red. Then on the nose, it delights us with its perfume of ripe raspberries and blueberries, with notes of pepper and vanilla. In the mouth it gives us great pleasure for its fruitiness, wood and ripe tannins, which make this red blend a premium quality wine.

MALBEC  (50%) –  CORBEAU (50%)

Data sheet

  • Alcohol: 13,00 % Vol
  • Total acidity:5,17 g/l
  • Sugar: – 1,94 g/l
  • Dry extract: 30,80 g/l
  • Fermentation: with selected yeasts.
  • Malolactic Fermentation: natural process
  • Breeding: 50% reductive, 50% oxidative.
  • Operating temperature: 17º C