Planta Ruta 154 s/nº
Cuadro Nacional, San Rafael, Mendoza, Argentina.

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Our vineyards are located in San Rafael, South of Mendoza, 930 m asl., where the stony ground and the mountain weather make this region, the ideal place for the growth of our grapes.

The first real state was acquired in 1997, it was named Finca Dijon in honor to our French ancestors, dedicated to this activity, that we retake after a century and a half in Argentina. In the year 2000, "La Fundadora" is incorporated, adding, between both real states a total of 37 ha. of land, planted with variety of Malbec, Bonarda, Merlot, Corbeau, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.

Both real states are equipped with bicolor anti-hail material, the symbol established in the use for those vineyards certified as organics. The total cultivation counts with that certification and an equally interesting bonus for being the first firm obtaining the San Rafael Geographic Indication (IG).

In the year 2002, the real states began to produce grapes to make wine, therefore it was, counting with the enologist's advice and a great enthusiasm, it was decided to elaborate a first entry as a test in order to get an idea of the wine potential we would be able to get. The satisfaction for the obtained result an the data about the good potential of our vineyards, moved us to start a little production that finished it way in the year 2004 with the manufacture of our wines, with enough time to get the desired quality. Conscious and convinced a good wine is born in the vineyards; a great job and a primal care are made on them. The pruning direction system is made by a chain of nozzles, as for the irrigation, the system used is by flood.

The harvest is made in plastic cases of 20 kg during the first morning hours, looking for the specific maturity point, saving the very best development of color, smell, flavor and tannins, depending on the product we want

to get.