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With the idea of conserve the strong viniculture tradition of our ancestors in France, we put the effort in keeping the quality of our products. Our philosophy indicates us a good wine is born in the vineyards, that's why the manufacture importance radicates in an excellent harvest. Trough the selection process of our grapes we obtain a harvested total volume of 80 quintals per ha. of average for the youngest vineyards and 57 quintals per ha. of average for the oldest vineyards. From the last of them we manufacture our best quality wines, since in the vineyard, an important stock and a very selected job is done.

Once we obtain them, the manufacture process starts at the cellar. For that, we make a great investment in technology, machines, stainless steel vats, cement pools recovered by epoxy and first use French oak barrels.

Our concept is based in getting wine quality producing little quantities. Therefore, Bournett Cellar produces a total volume of 200.000 liters.

Wine process

The grapes reach the cellar in plastic cases after they have been harvested in a manual way. Before they entry in the squeezing and grinding machines, they are selected one more time. The fermentation process of our wines is made with selected leavens under temperature control. In the red wines the temperature varies between 26º and 28 ºC with 2 days of 30ºC, which allows a larger extraction of color, smell and tannins getting a better structure. In the white wines the temperature varies between 14ª and 16º C.

As for the malolactic fermentation, it is produced in a 100% in red wines and in 50% in white wines. When the fermentation is finished, wines rest in cement pools recovered for epoxy.

Some of the products of our line are bred in French oak barrels. The 30% of Bonarda ,Malbec,Corbeau,Merlot,Cabernet Sauvignon varieties remains there for 3 months and the 100% of Prestige Oak variety remains there for 10 months, being ready to go out to the market.